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Linking to Stylesheets

Stylesheet Global Variable

The stylesheet global variable is meant for generating URLs for use when linking to stylesheets. The basic syntax is this:


Make sure you substitute “template_group” and “css_template” with the name of your actual template group and CSS template.

The stylesheet variables is used exclusively in the CSS declaration in your pages. It must contain the template group/template name where your stylesheet is located:

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="all" href="{stylesheet='channel/channel_css'}" />

In many respects, this variable works much like the {path=’’} global variable. However, there are some special considerations for the stylesheet variable:

Triggering a Stylesheet Via the URL

It is also possible to point to a stylesheet templates by directly adding a “css” trigger word in the URL. For instance, if your stylesheet is the “channel_css” Template of the “channel” Template Group, you could point to it using the URL:

Using Tags and PHP in a Stylesheet

Additionally, you can allow your stylesheets to run through the full template parser so tags and PHP can be used. To do so, just use a normal path variable to access your stylesheet. If you specify a template this way make sure that it is set to “CSS” as the Template Type.