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ExpressionEngine Pro Dock


The Dock is a central component of ExpressionEngine’s front-end functionality.

dock overview


Drag Handle

The Dock can be repositioned on the screen by clicking and holding the drag handle while moving the Dock around on the screen.

dock drag handle

Edit Toggle

The Edit Toggle will enable or disable all front edit links for the current user.

dock toggle

Close Windows

Clicking on the Close Windows icon will close all currently opened edit windows.

dock close button

Tile Windows

Clicking on the Tile Windows icon will stack all currently opened front edit windows to allow for easier navigation when many windows are open at once.

dock tile windows

Control Panel

The Control Panel button on the Dock will open the site’s Control Panel in a new tab.

dock control panel button


Prolets are add-on components that reveal some of add-on’s functionality for the Control Panel to the front-end, making it possible to edit data directly on the page where it belongs.

Built-in Prolets

ExpressionEngine is shipped with the Entries and Publish prolets.

Clicking on the Entries prolet opens a prolet window with all entries currently listed. Allowing you to quickly find and edit other entries in your site.

dock entries

Publish prolets allows creation of new entry directly from the page you are viewing. Clicking Publish prolet button brings the window with channel selection, and picking the channel brings entry form.

Custom Prolets

Developers may create third-party prolets that can be installed with add-ons. Read the docs on creating prolets for more information on how to create and install third-party prolets.

dock prolets


The Dock can be disabled by either the setting in the Control Panel or config override.

WARN Warning: If the Dock is disabled, all of ExpressionEngine’s Front-End Content Management is turned off for the front-end.