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Cookie Service

The Cookie service provides a convenient way to set and read cryptographically-signed cookies. Setting cryptographically-signed cookies helps ensure the cookies you set are not altered client-side.

New in version 5.1.2.

Simple Examples

Set a cookie:

ee('Cookie')->setSignedCookie('my_cookie_name', $data);

Retrieving cookie data:


Cookie Methods

class ExpressionEngine\Service\Cookie\Cookie

getSignedCookie($cookie_name, $xss_clean = FALSE)

Gets cryptographically-signed cookie data by name.

Parameter Type Description
$cookie_name String Cookie name
$xss_clean Boolean Clean the data for XSS or not
returns Mixed Cookie data, or FALSE if cookie not found or verified

setSignedCookie($cookie_name, $cookie_data, $expire = NULL)

Set cryptographically-signed cookies.

Parameter Type Description
$cookie_name String Cookie name
$cookie_data String Cookie data
$expire Int Cookie expiration in seconds
returns Void