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Files Editing

After a file is uploaded, you can edit it by simply going to the File Manager and clicking on a given file’s thumbnail, title, or choosing the “Edit” action from the action menu. After doing so, you will be brought to the File Edit page, where you can modify the file, including cropping, resizing, rotating, and editing the file’s data. The File Edit page can also be used to view detailed information in which entries and categories the file is being used.

File Edit Page

The sections of this page are grouped into tabs for easier navigation and manipulation.

Edit File Data

This part of the control panel allows you to edit a file’s data.

The following data is available:

Edit tab

Categories tab

Crop, Rotate & Resize Images

The Image Editor page of the Control Panel allows you to perform basic image editing tasks directly in the ExpressionEngine control panel. It is not intended to replace powerful image editing software such as Photoshop but rather to provide a quick option for common tasks from within the control panel.

The Image Editor allows the following transformations:

Crop tab

Rotate tab

Resize tab

Note that the changes will only be applied when you save the changes. Only one transformation can be applied at a time.

File Usage

Tip: How to Find Where a File is Used

This tab shows the list of entries where the file is being used in fieldtype (File, File Grid, Fluid, Textarea, RTE) and categories where the file is being used as a Category Image.