ExpressionEngine Docs


Welcome to the ExpressionEngine user guide!

In addition to this user guide, there are a number of resources linked below that will help you attain mastery.

ExpressionEngine University

Tutorials, Tips, Tricks and more! Join us at ExpressionEngine University, a place to learn and share new knowledge based around building stuff with ExpressionEngine CMS!

ExpressionEngine CMS Slack

Slack is the central location of the ExpressionEngine community, with around 7,000 users. The official ExpressionEngine CMS Slack hosts users, experts, trainers, and even ExpressionEngine staff. We’re always open, join us in Slack today!

ExpressionEngine TV

Visit our YouTube Channel for instructional videos.

ExpressionEngine Support

We offer several tech support plans for those times when you would prefer to enlist an ExpressionEngine professional.

ExpressionEngine Partners

With our ExpressionEngine Partners you’ll be working with the best ExpressionEngine developers in the world!.

Social Media

On Twitter you’ll find us at @eecms. The official hash tag of ExpressoinEngine is #eecms. Please be sure to use it in your posts!


StackExchange is a great place to ask questions and get answers from others in the community. Questions in StackExchange are also cross posted in Slack to get further attention and hopfully answers quickly.