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ExpressionEngine Template Structure API

Calling the Class

The Template Structure class is called with the api->instantiate() function:

ee()->load->library('api'); ee()->legacy_api->instantiate('template_structure');

Function Reference

class Api_template_structure


Get template group metadata.

Parameter Type Description
$group_id Int Integer of the template group
Returns Database result object/Boolean Database result object or returns FALSE on error
ee()->api_template_structure->get_group_info((int) $group_id);

create_template_group($data[, $duplicate_group = FALSE])

Creates a new template group.

Parameter Type Description
$data Array Associative array of template group data must include group_name, can include keys below
$duplicate_group Int The template_group ID to duplicate
Returns Integer/Boolean ID of newly created group or FALSE on error
ee()->api_template_structure->create_template_group((array) $data, (int) $duplicate_group = FALSE)

Example Usage:

$data = array(
    'group_name'        => 'home',
    'group_order'       => 2,     // Defaults to template_group count + 1
    'is_site_default'   => 'n',   // Defaults to 'n'
    'site_id'           => 1      // Defaults to config->item('site_id')

ee()->api_template_structure->create_template_group($data, 1);


Returns a file extension that corresponds to the template type.

Parameter Type Description
$template_type String Name of the template type
Returns String File extension if template type exists or an empty string
ee()->api_template_structure->file_extensions((str) $template_type);

Template Types: