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Value Slider

The Value Slider fieldtype allows the user to select a numerical value. It is rendered as range HTML input type with some additional styling, allowing users to precisely select the value.

value field

Field Settings


The name of the field. The field’s names is used as the label for inputs and is what is displayed on the Entry Publish Tab.

Short name

The short name of a field is used to reference the field in templates and other code. The short name must be unique and contain only alpha-numeric characters, underscores, and dashes (no spaces or other special characters).


The field instructions display on the Entry Publish Tab and Channel Forms. Instructions allow for a description of the field or other information that will help publishers understand the field’s purpose.

Require field?

When enabled (and not conditionally hidden), this option will make the field required to submit the publish form.

Include in search?

When enabled, the field will be included in searches.

Hide field?

When enabled, the field will be collapsed on the publish form by default.

Make conditional?

When enabled, the field will only display when conditions of other field(s) are met. See Conditional Fields docs for more information.

Minimum value

The minimal value/number field can contain.

Maximum value

The maximum value/number field can contain.


The step to increase/decrease the value by in the field.


The prefix to be shown before the number


The prefix to be shown before the number

Allowed Content

Restricts the field to certain data types. Changing this also changes the column type in database. This setting is only for Value Slider, because Range Slider has two values and is stored as string.

Template Tags

The Value Slider can only be rendered as a single template tag.

Single tag


Single Tag Parameters:

decimal_place="2" The number of decimal digits to show after the number

prefix="yes" Include prefix before the value, as specified in field settings


Single Tag Modifiers


Field minimal possible value, as specified in settings.


Field maximal possible value, as specified in settings.


Field prefix, as specified in settings.


Field suffix, as specified in settings.