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Design Controller Extension Hooks


Parameter Type Description
Returns Array The custom templates array (see below)

Add template types to ExpressionEngine’s default set. In the Output library specifically, it is useful to return the appropriate content type header for the template type.

How it’s called:

$template_types = $EE->extensions->call('template_types');

This hook must append a key to the $last_call array in the following format:

$custom_templates = ee()->extensions->last_call;

$custom_templates['ical'] = array(             // Short name for database
    'template_name'           => 'iCal Feed',  // Display name for Template Type dropdown
    'template_file_extension' => '.ics',       // File extension for saving templates as files
    'template_headers'        => array(        // Custom headers for file type
        'Content-Type: text/ical',
        'Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="event.ics"'

Note: It is good practice to clean up the templates table and remove your custom template type from templates using it upon extension uninstallation.