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Comment Model

class ExpressionEngine\Model\Comment

Stores submitted comments. Used by the Comment Module.


Name Validation Type Description
comment_id Key
site_id required,isNatural MSM site ID, default is 1
entry_id required,isNatural Entry ID the comment is associated with.
channel_id required,isNatural Channel the entry ID is apart of.
author_id required,isNatural Author (user) ID.
status enum[o,c,p,s] Status of the comment, open/closed/pending/spam.
name Name of the commenter
email Email of the commenter
url Commenter’s URL
location Where the commenter is.
ip_address ip_address Commenter’s IP address.
comment_date Comment creation date.
edit_date Comment edit date.
comment required The comment body.



This model has no additional methods.



Create a new comment

Creating a comment using a model will bypass Comment Module settings and rules.

$entry = ee('Model')->get('ChannelEntry', $entry_id)->first();

$comment = ee('Model')->make('Comment');
$comment->site_id    = ee()->config->item('site_id');
$comment->entry_id   = $entry->getId();
$comment->channel_id = $entry->channel_id;
$comment->author_id  = ee()->session->userdata['member_id']; // Get currently logged-in user.
$comment->comment    = 'My super awesome comment.';
$comment->status     = 's'; // Status is needed to have comment display in the CP.

// Optional:
$comment->ip_address   = ee()->session->userdata['ip_address'];
$comment->name         = ee()->session->userdata['screen_name'];
$comment->email        = ee()->session->userdata['email'];
$comment->url          = ee()->session->userdata['url'];
$comment->location     = ee()->session->userdata['location'];
$comment->comment_date = ee()->localize->now;


Delete all spam

$comments = ee('Model')->get('Comment')->filter('status', 's')->all();

foreach($comments as $comment)