ExpressionEngine Docs

License Validation

License validation is a feature designed to ensure that users of add-ons purchased through our platform comply with licensing agreements. It serves to remind users to purchase a license if they have forgotten to do so, facilitates add-on license renewal, and provides recommendations for license purchases to users who do not have one.


Application Process

Third-party developers selling add-ons on our platform can enable license validation through their accounts on The following outlines the steps for enabling license validation:

Terms and Conditions

Before enabling license validation for an add-on, developers are required to agree to the following terms:

Approval Process

Once the application for license validation is submitted, it will be reviewed by our team. The request may be approved or denied based on adherence to the outlined terms and conditions.

By adhering to the application process and terms outlined above, developers can enable license validation for their add-ons, ensuring compliance with licensing agreements and providing a seamless experience for users.

Add-on Changes

Third-party add-ons don’t need any changes to their code to participate in license validation; the ExpressionEngine core handles it! If you wish to go beyond the default core measures, you can check your add-on licenses status through the add-on service.