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Spam Service

ExpressionEngine’s Spam service gives developers a general method for classifying any text as spam or ham. The Spam service requires the Spam Module to be installed.

Class Methods


isSpam takes a single parameter, a string, and returns TRUE if it’s classified as spam and FALSE otherwise. The classify method will use the same classifier used for catching comment and forum spam. If you wish to use a custom classifier please see the documentation for the Spam Module. If the Spam Module is not installed this method will always return FALSE.

ee('Spam')->moderate($file, $class, $method, $data, $text)

The moderate method will store content flagged as spam. Once content is stored Admins can use the Spam Module Control Panel page to flag false positives and ensure the classifier is accurate. The moderate method essentially stores a callback to run when something is marked as a false positive and the the original text. $file stores the path to the file containing your call back, $class contains the class name your callback method resides in, $method stores the method name of your callback, and lastly $data is an array that stores any arguments you want to be supplied to your callback.