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LivePreview Service

The LivePreview service provides a mechanism to check for, and fetch, preview data.

Simple example

If your fieldtype add-on fetches data when rendering a front-end request, you will want to check and see if there is any Live Preview entry data. If there is you’ll want to use that data instead of what you would fetch from the database:

if (ee('LivePreview')->hasEntryData())
  $data = ee('LivePreview')->getEntryData();
  $entry_id = $data['entry_id'];
  $my_data[$entry_id] = $data;

LivePreview Service Methods

class ExpressionEngine\Service\LivePreview\LivePreview


Check if there is preview entry data.

Parameter Type Description
Returns Boolean TRUE if it has preview entry data, FALSE if not


Gets the preview entry data. This data matches the POST data when saving a Channel entry.

Parameter Type Description
Returns Array/Boolean An array of entry data, or FALSE if there is no data