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Database backups

Options list:

-p <value>
    Path to database backup, relative to the cache folder

-a <value>
    Absolute path to the directory the database backup will be stored

-f <value>
    Name of sql file to be saved

-s <value>
    Speed of database backup (between 1-10). Setting a lower speed allows for more time between database commands. Default speed is 5.


Backup the database to the default path, at the default speed

php eecli.php backup:database

# Example backup path and filename:

Backup the database to the to an absolute path, with a custom filename

php eecli.php backup:database --file_name=deploy_backup.sql --absolute_path='/home/forge/backups'

Backup the database at a slow speed, to help with the potential to lock up the database.

php eecli.php backup:database --speed=1