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Field Groups

Every Form consists of Field Groups that contain Field Sets. The below covers everything about Field Groups and how they work with Field Sets.


When working with Field Groups, you’ll always request it from the CP\Form object to request it, initially. Once you have a Field Group, you’ll decorate it like everything else. For example:

$form = ee('CP/Form');
$field_group = $form->getGroup('General Settings');

In the above, $field_group will contain our Field object. Once we have it, we can start adding Field Sets to it and really craft our Form.

$field_set = $field_group->getFieldSet('First Name');

If your Form object is set to be a Tabbed form, it’s the Groups that make up the Tab layer

API Reference

class ExpressionEngine\Library\CP\Form\Group

The Group object consists of only a couple methods of use.


Returns the name used upon creation for the Field Group.

Parameter Type Description
Returns string The raw value used


Returns the entire CP\Form\Group object into an array. Note that all child elements are converted to an array as well.

Parameter Type Description
Returns array The Group as an array


Will return the Field Group if it exists, or prepare and return a new Field Group. See Field Sets for more details.

Parameter Type Description
$name string The name for the Field Set
Returns Form\Set A Field Set object ready for use


Removes the specified Field Set from the Form Group

Parameter Type Description
Returns string The name used for the Field Set