ExpressionEngine Docs

Additional Config Files

In addition to config.php ExpressionEngine has a number of other configuration files that are being used by Config Service

As a general rule, the values provided in those config files (located in system/ee/ExpressionEngine/Config folder) are good for most sites, however there might be cases where certain setup would need to override some of the values.

In order to do that, simply copy the corresponding file to system/user/config folder and change or add the values that are needed. There is no need to keep the full copy of config file, just keep the properties that need to be changed and remove the ones that you are fine with - the default values will be used for those.

CAPTCHA Word Dictionary


The list of the words that are being used to generate CAPTCHA. If you need to expand this list, add extra words to your custom config in system/user/config/captcha.php

Foreign Characters


This file contains an array of foreign characters for transliteration conversion used by the Text helper (example would be generating URL Titles for entries).

HTML Form Attributes


A list of HTML attributes that are allowed to be passed via EE template tag parameters to the form tag when creating forms with ee()->functions->form_declaration(). Additionally, attributes prefixed with data- and aria- can be used.

Allowed Mime Types


These are the mime types that are allowed to be uploaded using the upload class. For security reasons the list is kept as small as possible. If you need to upload types that are not in the list you can add them.

The mime types are grouped by file type. You can add the allowed mime types directly or you can add new file types containing multiple mimes.

Reverse Proxy IP addresses


If the server is behind a reverse proxy or load balancer the system will need special configuration to discover a user’s real IP address. If the IP address passed along by the server matches a value or range specificed in this configuration file the system will look at the request headers to determine the real IP address.

Please consult with the provider of your reverse proxy or load balancing solutions for the IP addresses or ranges to use. Some providers will let you know the exact IP address of the load balancer, while others will give you a range. Here are the links with information for some common providers: CloudFlare, Google Cloud, AWS Elastic

‘Remember me’ expiration


This file holds the duration of user session when ‘remember me’ checkbox is checked on login.



This file lets you re-map URI requests to specific controller functions.

We generally recommend using Template Routes and not modify this file, unless you know you need to.

Stop Words


This file contains an array of words that the search functions in EE will ignore in order to a) reduce load, and b) generate better results.