ExpressionEngine Docs

Front-End Content Management

ExpressionEngine brings the Control Panel forward to the front-end of your site, allowing users to edit and create content, access add-ons, and more without having to use the Control Panel.

Check out our video overview of Front-End Content Management (ExpressionEngine Pro in version 6)!

Front-end Editing

For ExpressionEngine members with appropriate permissions, “front edit” links on the site’s front-end that allow editing the contents of each entry field individually. This is done directly on the front-end without going to the Control Panel.

Clicking the link opens a popup containing the Control Panel field for that content, which can be modified and saved. Along with editing a given field, users can also use a link in the bottom right of the popup to edit the full entry in live preview mode on the current page you are viewing.

Note: ExpressionEngine intelligently picks up existing user permissions to determine which channels and add-on Prolets a given user can access.

The Dock

The dock, when enabled, is a floating bar that is displayed on front-end pages, it provides quick access to the Control Panel and to ExpressionEngine’s front-end facing features.


Prolets are add-on components that enable add-ons to bring some of their Control Panel functionality to the front-end, making it possible to interact with the essence of an add-on.