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Data Operation Tools

Cache Manager

Control Panel Location: Tools > Utilities > Cache Manager

This section of the Control Panel allows you clear the cached data for the different types of caching that are available.

Manage Add-on Extensions

Tip: To quickly access this section, press Ctrl / cmd + J to invoke the Jump Menu and pick “Cache Manager”

Search Reindex

Control Panel Location: Tools > Utilities > Search Reindex

Search reindexing refreshes the searchable words stored by Grid and Fluid fields that are used by the search module when performing a search. Reindexing is needed when:

This tool will cycle through all Channel Entries that have a Grid or Fluid field assigned to them and re-index the entry data in those fields.

ExpressionEngine is capable of determining whether updating search indexes is needed in most cases.

Sync Conditional Fields

Control Panel Location: Tools > Utilities > Sync Conditional Fields

When a condition is added or updated for field, the entries that are using that field need to be synchronized for field to behave properly.

This utility syncs the conditional logic for each of the channels. You will be redirected to this page automatically after a change in field conditions sets is made, but you can choose to do this only once after making all the updates to the fields, should you need multiple of those.

Sync Conditional Logic

Note: You can also use php eecli.php sync:conditional-fields CLI command

Update File Usage Information

Control Panel Location: Tools > Utilities > Update File Usage

Note: This utility is only needed for sites that have been upgraded from ExpressionEngine versions below 7 and generally only needs to be run once, though re-running the update is not problematic.

Run this utility to convert all files stored in the database from sites previous to ExpressionEngine 7 to the new ExpressionEngine 7 file format. This must be completed before newer File Manager features may be used.

It is recommended that you make sure all installed add-ons are compatible with ExpressionEngine 7 and newer, and that you have made a backup of your database before running the utility.

After the update operation is completed, visit Content & Design Settings to disable Compatibility Mode for File Manager.

Manage Statistics

Control Panel Location: Tools > Utilities > Statistics

This section of the Control Panel allows you to recount different types of statistics. This section is rarely necessary, but every once in a while a statistic can become out of sync or otherwise not reflect the correct data. This section will allow you to make the system update the information.

Manage Statistics

Data Search and Replace

Control Panel Location: Tools > Utilities > Search and Replace

This section of the Control Panel allows you to search for text within your site and replace it with another piece of text. This search and replace operation can be performed on your entry titles, within any of the entry fields, or within your Templates.

Search and Replace Utility