ExpressionEngine Docs

Front-End Editing Settings

Control Panel Location: Settings -> Content & Design > Front-End Editing

Enable Dock

(Default: On, Matching Config Override: enable_dock ) Enabling the Dock controls whether ExpressionEngine Pro is turned on for the front-end of your website. When the Dock is disabled all front-end editing, prolets, and Dock features will be disabled.

Enable front-end editing

(Default: On, Matching Config Override: enable_frontedit) Enabling front-end editing allows users with respective permissions to edit channel entries and content on the front-end of your website using provided edit links ( pro edit icon ) .

Enable automatic front-end editing links

(Default: On, Matching Config Override: enable_frontedit_links) By default ExpressionEngine Pro automatically inserts edit links ( pro edit icon ) where editable content is found in templates. These can be disabled on a per field basis or globally when using this toggle. When toggled off, ExpressionEngine Pro will no longer automatically generate edit links and links will need to be added manually where needed in templates.