ExpressionEngine Docs


Welcome to the official ExpressionEngine Docs! In addition to the documentation, there are a number of resources linked below that will help you learn how to master ExpressionEngine.

Starter Courses

Build your first ExpressionEngine site.

Walk through step-by-step how to build your own ExpressionEngine site from scratch. Choose from either a video or written course.

Additional Resources

Quick Start

The big picture of EE.


EE installed in 1-2-3.


Ask questions and get answers.

ExpressionEngine TV

The latest instructional videos.

EE on Twitter

Follow the #eecms hastag.

E-commerce for EE

Build an e-commerce site.

EE Add-Ons Store

Extend EE’s capabilities.

ExpressionEngine Blog

Follow the latest EE news.

Change Log

Details of the latest updates.