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General Settings

Control Panel Location: Addons > ExpressionEngine Pro > General

Pro General Settings

Branding Settings

Control Panel Location: Addons > ExpressionEngine Pro > Branding

Pro Branding Settings

Config overrides


Set the interval between autosaves on the Publish Page and on the Front-end when Pro is installed. If you want to ensure users do not accidentally loose unsaved changes adjust the [autosave_interval_seconds] system config override to a lower interval between autosaves. A setting of 10 seconds is recommended, and set as part of the pro install.

Value Description
integer Autosave interval in seconds (default of 60 is changed to 10 upon install of Pro)

Example Usage:

$config['autosave_interval_seconds'] = '10';


Allows turning off front-end facing features of ExpressionEngine Pro completely. When set to n, Dock will not be shown and front-end field editing will not be enabled.

Value Behavior
y Enables Dock and all its features (default)
n Turn off Dock, front-end editing and Prolets

Example Usage:

$config['enable_dock'] = 'n';


When set to n, completely disables front-end editing while keeping Dock visible and Prolets functional.

Value Behavior
y Enables front-end editing (default)
n Disable front-end editing

Example Usage:

$config['enable_frontedit'] = 'n';


When set to n, disables automatic creation of content management links on front-end. The links can still be added manually.

Value Behavior
y Enable automatic front-end editing links (default)
n Disable automatic front-end editing links

Example Usage:

$config['enable_frontedit_links'] = 'y';


When set to n, disables “Clone to New Entry” option and entry cloning globally.

Value Behavior
y Enable entry cloning (default)
n Disable entry cloning

Example Usage:

$config['enable_entry_cloning'] = 'y';


URL to file used as favicon in Control Panel.

Example Usage:

$config['favicon'] = '/url/to/icon.png';


URL to file used as branded logo on login page.

Example Usage:

$config['login_logo'] = '/url/to/file.jpg';