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Rich Text Editor

ExpressionEngine’s built-in Rich Text Editor (RTE) is a fieldtype that can be used for entry editing in the Control Panel as well as frontend Channel Forms. It is offering CKEditor 5 and Redactor as editing engine.

Note: If you’re looking for how to use RTE fields in your channel entries loops, you should look at the RTE field variable usage documentation in the channel fields documentation.

Control Panel Location: Developer --> Add-Ons --> Rich Text Editor

Tool Sets

Tool Sets are essentially pre-created configurations that can be used by particular RTE fields. Tool sets includes settings for upload directory, enabled toolbar elements, and initial field height.

Initially RTE installs 4 tool sets:

Creating a Tool Set

Editing a Tool Set

Cloning a Tool Set

Deleting a Tool Set

To delete a tool set, check the tool set’s checkbox in the tool set table listing. Once one or more tool sets are selected, the bulk action control will appear below the table where you can perform bulk actions on the tool sets. Click the drop down to choose delete and then click Submit.

Toolbar elements

The following are the buttons that can be enabled in tool set to manipulate the data within an RTE field.

RTE Configuration

Note: If using the Multiple Site Manager, this preference is per-site.