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Simple Commerce – Managing Store Purchases

Control Panel Location: Developer --> Add-Ons --> Simple Commerce --> Purchases

The Purchases screen gives you at a glance an overview of your store purchases, the purchaser, date, and price of purchases. You may select items to edit or delete by checking the boxes on the right and selecting the appropriate action from the drop-down menu next to the Submit button. Purchases may be added by clicking the Create New button on the top right.

Purchases Home Page Options

Create New Purchase

The Create New button allows you to manually add purchases to your store. This can be useful if you want to keep track of purchases made before you began using the Simple Commerce system, or that come from a source other than PayPal.

Edit Purchases

To edit purchases, click the edit button in the toolbar in the row of the purchase you wish to edit.

Export Purchases

To export purchases, click the export button next to “All Purchases” to export and download a tab-delimited file of all of your purchases, for easy import into other applications. The details of the PayPal transaction are output to the file as a serialized array.

Adding / Editing Purchases

Purchase Identification Number (TXN ID)

The transaction id (TXN ID) provided by PayPal for the completed purchase.

Screen Name

The screen name of the member who purchased the item.

Item Purchased

The item that was purchased.

Date of Purchase

The date of the purchase.


The price payed for the item purchased.