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Pro Features For Fieldtypes

Most fieldtypes will work with ExpressionEngine Pro’s Front-end content management out-of-the-box.

However there are some parameters that can be set in ft. to improve integration.

Disabling Front-end Edit Link

public $disable_frontedit = true;

Setting $disable_frontedit to true will disable frontend-editing for the fieldtype and the edit links will never appear.

Field Editing Window Size

public $size = 'large';

By default, all fields are being opened for front-end editing in the pop-up window of same size. However if you need larger or smaller window, that can be specified in fieldtype file.

The available options are:

Making Complex Fieldtypes To Work

If your fieldtype is representing complex data structures, such as Grid or Fluid field, you will need to tell Pro to be treat this fieldtype in a different way. You can do this by declaring in fieldtype

public $complex_data_structure = true;