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ExpressionEngine Pro Overview

Check out our video overview of Pro!

What is ExpressionEngine Pro?

ExpressionEngine Pro brings the Control Panel forward to the front-end of your site. ExpressionEngine Pro comes shipped with ExpressionEngine 6.1.0 or higher and may be used on any local testing sites; however, a license must be purchased for ExpressionEngine Pro to work on production or remote staging sites.

An ExpressionEngine Pro license also includes Low Search and Low Variables. Each of these can be downloaded separately and will be automatically installed with Pro if available in your user/addons folder. If you do not wish to use Low Search and/or Low Variables, just do not include these in your user/addons folder and they will not be installed. If your site is already making use of Low Search and Low Variables, they will continue to work as intended.

ExpressionEngine Pro Features

Front-end Editing

For ExpressionEngine members with appropriate permissions, ExpressionEngine Pro adds “front edit” links on the site’s front-end that allow editing the contents of each entry field individually. This is done directly on the front-end without going to the Control Panel.

Clicking the link opens a popup containing the Control Panel field for that content, which can be modified and saved. Along with editing a given field, users can also use a link in the bottom right of the popup to edit the full entry in live preview mode on the current page you are viewing.

Note: ExpressionEngine Pro intelligently picks up existing user permissions to determine which channels and add-on Prolets a given user can access.

The Dock

The dock, when enabled, is a floating bar that is displayed on front-end pages, it provides quick access to the Control Panel and to ExpressionEngine Pro’s front-end facing features.


Prolets are add-on components that enable add-ons to bring some of their Control Panel functionality to the front-end, making it possible to interact with the essence of an add-on.

Customizable Dashboard

With ExpressionEngine Pro installed, the Control Panel homepage can be completely customized with native and custom dashboard widgets. These widgets can be shown, hidden or reordered by each member, creating their own dashboard layout. Dashboard widgets can be made from ExpressionEngine Templates or PHP as part of an add-on.

Control Panel Branding

ExpressionEngine Pro allows uploading a custom logo to be used on Control Panel login page as well as favicon for Control Panel pages.

Cookie and Consent Management

ExpressionEngine Pro adds the ability to override cookie values and their lifetime, easily list cookies used by the site on the front-end (or in dashboard widget), and export a list of consents.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

ExpressionEngine Pro adds the ability to add protection to Control Panel and front-end pages by adding authentication with an MFA app like Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator or Authy.

Entry Cloning

With ExpressionEngine Pro installed, it is possible to clone existing entries using the “Clone to New Entry” option that is added to the “Save” dropdown menu on entry editing page.