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Automated Upgrading

Add-ons can be automatically upgraded during the ExpressionEngine core upgrading process, if the user has opted to do so.

The upgrade.addon_name.php File

The upgrade.addon_name.php file allows your add-on to hook into the EE upgrade process to run code at various stages of the upgrade process.

For example:



class My_awesome_plugin_upgrade {

    public function upgrade($version)

        if(version_compare($version, '3.0.0', '=')) {
            // Run updates for upgrade to EE3

        if(version_compare($version, '4.0.0', '=')) {
            // Run updates for upgrade to EE3



The upgrade function is run at each minor version update of the ExpressionEngine process. If your add-on has an upgrade.addon_name.php, where addon_name is the snake_case name of your add-on, ExpressionEngine will automatically run the upgrade function at each version update.

The add-on upgrade function should accept a parameter $version that will be the current stepped version in the ExpressionEngine update process.