ExpressionEngine Docs

Debug Tools

This section presents set of useful utilities designed to diagnose potential issues with your site.

The check are being run automatically when you visit the utility pages and also they are executed in the background when ExpressionEngine is being updated.

Review Duplicate Template Groups

Control Panel Location: Tools > Utilities > Duplicate Template Groups

ExpressionEngine expects each template group name to be unique per site. We do have automated checks to prevent duplicates, however in very rare cases the checks could have been skipped leading to duplicate records for template groups in database.

This utility helps to identify such cases and provide ability to remove or rename the duplicates.

Debug Template Tags

Control Panel Location: Tools > Utilities > Debug Template Tags

Debug Template Tags

This tool scans the site templates and then lists the add-on template tags used.

If it finds a tag that corresponds to the add-on that is missing or not installed, it indicates that.

Clicking on the tag name shows the list of templates where it is found.

Debug Fieldtypes

Control Panel Location: Tools > Utilities > Debug Fieldtypes

Debug Fieldtypes

This page shows the fieldtypes that are being used as custom fields, that have their corresponding add-on missing or not installed.

It also lists all the fieldtypes installed, indicating what is currently in use and what is not in use.