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Control Panel Location: Content > Categories

This section of the Control Panel is for the management of channel categories. It is where categories and category groups are created, deleted, and preferences are set. The main Categories screen shows a list of all current category groups in the left navigation and a sortable table of the categories in the currently selected category group.

Category groups are collections of categories that can be assigned to channels. You can create a separate group for each channel or use the same group on multiple channels.

Category Manager Control Panel Page

Create/Edit Category

Control Panel Location: Content > Categories > New/Edit Category

Categories have the following settings:

The categories can be saved by clicking “Save” button or pressing Ctrl+s (cmd+s) on keyboard. Upon saving, the category editing page remains open so you can make other changes.

Extra saving options are also available from the dropdown menu under “Save”:

Note that only members with appropriate permissions are able to perform actions on categories. The permissions are being set per Role globally as well as per each Category Group.

Create/Edit Category Groups

Control Panel Location: Content > Categories > New/Edit Category Group

Access to this sections requires “Can edit category groups” permission to be set for the users member Role.

The category group form is broken out into 3 tabs:

Details tab

Control Panel Location: Content > Categories > New/Edit Category Group > Details

The Details tab holds fields for the category group name (used only for display in the control panel), the HTML formatting options, and whether the category group is available in Files, Channels or both.

Permissions tab

Control Panel Location: Content > Categories > New/Edit Category Group > Permissions

The Permissions tab controls which member roles have permission to edit or delete categories. The member role must have permission to edit categories in the member role settings in order to be granted permission to edit a particular category group.

Fields tab

Control Panel Location: Content > Categories > New/Edit Category Group > Fields

The Fields tab allow you to manage all custom fields for the category group, including deleting and creating new fields.

ExpressionEngine includes the following types of fields for use in your Category fields:

  1. Text Input: This is a single input line for text. It is the type of field you might use for a title, name, or other short information.
  2. Textarea: This is a standard text entry box with multiple lines. This is often used for the body text of entries.
  3. Select Dropdown: This creates a standard HTML <select> drop-down list. You can define the contents of the list manually or pre-populate it from another field.