ExpressionEngine Docs

Template Library Extension Hooks


Parameter Type Description
$row Array Data for the current template
Returns Void

Access template data prior to template parsing.

How it’s called:

ee()->extensions->call('template_fetch_template', $row);

template_post_parse($final_template, $is_partial, $site_id, $currentTemplateInfo)

Parameter Type Description
$final_template String The template string after template tags have been parsed
$is_partial Boolean TRUE if the current template is an embed or a layout
$site_id String Site ID of the current template
$currentTemplateInfo array Identity data for template that has been parsed
Returns String The adjusted $final_template

Modify template after tag parsing

How it’s called:

$this->final_template = ee()->extensions->call(

If $is_partial is true:

Note: Before 2.8.0 $is_partial was called $is_sub and only applied to embeds.