ExpressionEngine Docs

CP Navigation

The sidebar located on all pages in the Control Panel provides an easy way to navigate the ExpressionEngine, access to installation information, and ways to get help using ExpressionEngine.

Version Information

By clicking on the version number in the footer of the sidebar you will see a popover containing your current ExpressionEngine build information, as well as whether or not a new version of ExpressionEngine is available.

Get Help

In the version popover, there are options to:

Minimizing and disabling sidebar

When mouseovering the sidebar navigation, a collapse icon will appear close to the site name.

Clicking this icon minimizes the sidebar to just display icons of the navigational items. This allows saving screen space while retaining the navigation functionality. The collapsed state will persist through control panel page loads and can be toggled back anytime by clicking same icon.

It is also possible to completely toggle the sidebar navigation off. In Jump Menu, type “toggle” and choose “Toggle Sidebar Navigation” - the sidebar will be persistently hidden or shown.

Custom navigation items

It is possible to inject your custom items into sidebar navigation using Menu Manager.