ExpressionEngine Docs

JSON Version Feed

If you have need of knowing the current available version of ExpressionEngine, or the release history of previous version numbers, that information is available to you via a JSON feed at the following URL:

Feed Format

The returning feed is formatted thusly:

    "current_version": "5.1.2",
    "version_history": {
        "5.1.2": "2019-01-03",
        "5.1.1": "2018-12-21",
        "5.1.0": "2018-12-20",
        "5.0.2": "2018-12-13",
        "5.0.1": "2018-11-18",
        "4.3.8": "2019-01-03",
        "4.3.7": "2018-12-21"


The current version of ExpressionEngine available for download.


A hash table of all versions and release dates for ExpressionEngine, including the most current.

Key Value
version number release date (yyyy-mm-dd)

Accessing the Feed

When utilizing the JSON version feed, please utilize caching and restrict calls to no more than once per day. Abuse of the resource by a specific user will result in terminated access to the JSON version feed for that user.