ExpressionEngine Docs

The Language File (addon_name_lang.php)

The Language file contains an array named $lang, which is used along with the Language class to display text on a page in whatever language is selected in the user’s account settings.

Required Fields

There are two required lines in the language file for each add-on, which allows the name and description of the add-on to be viewable on the MODULES page:

$lang = array(

// Required for MODULES page

'my_module_module_name'     => 'Module Name',
'my_module_module_description'  => 'Brief description of the module- displayed on the Modules page',


// Additional Key => Value pairs go here

// END

If the ExpressionEngine core language files contains string with the same key, it will be used in favor of add-on specified string. If an add-on needs to override that string, that can be done by adding it to $ee_lang array in the add-on’s language file.

Publish Form Tab Label

In addition to the two required fields you can have a custom tab label for your publish fields. Just assign the desired label to a key which shares the name of your module name:

// Additional Key => Value pairs go here

 * Tab Label for publish fields
 * Assign the label you wish to use to the module_name array key
 * Remember only alphanumeric characters, underscores, dashes and spaces are allowed.

'module_name' => 'Tab label'