ExpressionEngine Docs

Email Module Extension Hooks

email_module_send_email_end($subject, $message, $approved_tos, $approved_recipients)

Parameter Type Description
$subject String Sanitized and parsed subject of the email
$message String Sanitized and parsed body of the email
$approved_tos Array Email addresses in the form’s “to” field
$approved_recipients Array Email addresses specified in the tag as recipients
Returns Void

After emails are sent, do some additional processing.

How it’s called:

ee()->extensions->call('email_module_send_email_end', $subject, $message, $approved_tos, $approved_recipients);
if (ee()->extensions->end_script === TRUE) return;

email_module_tellafriend_override($qstring, $this)

Parameter Type Description
$qstring String Query string without comments or pagination information
$this Object Email object
Returns String Rendered tagdata

Allow use of Tell-A-Friend for things besides channel entries.

How it’s called:

$tagdata = ee()->extensions->call('email_module_tellafriend_override', $qstring, $this);
if (ee()->extensions->end_script === TRUE) return $tagdata;