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Date Fieldtype

The Date field allows for quick entry of dates via the publish form. When the field has focus, a date-picker appears in the form of a calendar where you can select a day to enter into the field.

date field

Field Settings

Date Localization

Choose how the field data should be localized. The options are

Include time?

When turned off, only date will be displayed, otherwise the editor can also enter the time into the same field.

When turned on, the date picker will also display time input. Depending on member preferences, the time input will be in 12 or 24 hour format.

Publish form

On the publish form (when Date Localization setting is set to Ask each time), along with a field to enter a date, you will also see an option to select whether you want the date localized or fixed:

Note: These options are only available when using Date as a field and not as a Grid column.

At the bottom of the calendar popup you will also see a “Today” button that can be used to automatically set the date to the current date.

Template Tag

Date fields render as regular date variables:

{date_field format="%F %d %Y"}
{!-- January 01 2019 --}

Visit Date Variable Formatting to see all date formatting options.