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Members Fieldtype Extension Hooks

member_relationships_display_field($entry_id, $field_id, $sql)

Parameter Type Description
$entry_id Int Entry ID of entry being edited.
$field_id Int Field ID of field currently being loaded.
$sql String Compiled SQL about to be run to gather related members.
Returns Array Result Array of query result.

Allows developers to modify the existing query that retrieves related members for the publish field or to perform their own queries to return related members.

How it’s called:

if (ee()->extensions->active_hook('member_relationships_display_field') === TRUE)
    $related = ee()->extensions->call(
    $related = ee()->db->get()->result_array();

Note: To use this hook, you can either add to the existing Active Record call, or call ee()->db->_reset_select() to cancel the Active Record call and start your own, or modify the passed compiled SQL.

member_relationships_post_save($ships, $entry_id, $field_id)

Parameter Type Description
$ships Array Array of member IDs to be related to the entry.
$entry_id Int Entry ID of entry being saved.
$field_id Int Field ID of field currently being saved.
Returns Array Array of relationships.

Allows developers to modify or add to the relationships array before saving.

How it’s called:

$ships = ee()->extensions->call('member_relationships_post_save', $ships, $entry_id, $field_id);