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Addon Generator – Creates a new add-on

Check out our video tutorial generating an add-on!

Options list:

        Create an extension

        Create a plugin

        Create a fieldtype

        Create a module

        Should use plugin typography

    -e <value>
        Add-on has settings (yes/no)

    -v <value>
        Version of the add-on

    -d <value>
        Description of the add-on

    -a <value>
        Author of the add-on

    -u <value>
        Author url of the add-on

    --services=<value> [--services=<value> [...]]
    -s <value> [-s <value> [...]]
        Services to create. Multi-pass option.

    --models=<value> [--models=<value> [...]]
    -m <value> [-m <value> [...]]
        Models to create. Multi-pass option.

    --commands=<value> [--commands=<value> [...]]
    -c <value> [-c <value> [...]]
        Commands to create. Multi-pass option.

    --consents=<value> [--consents=<value> [...]]
    -n <value> [-n <value> [...]]
        Consents. Multi-pass option.

    --cookies=<value> [--cookies=<value> [...]]
    -k <value> [-k <value> [...]]
        Cookies to create, with a colon separating name and value (i.e. name:value). Multi-pass option.

    --hooks=<value> [--hooks=<value> [...]]
    -o <value> [-o <value> [...]]
        Hooks in use. Multi-pass option.


Generating an extension:

php eecli.php make:addon example_extension --ext --description "Description of addon" --version="1.0.0" --author="Joe Shmoe" --author-url='' --has-settings='yes' --hooks=cp_custom_menu

Generating a module:

php eecli.php make:addon my_awesome_mod --mod --description "Description of addon" --version="1.0.0" --author="Joe Shmoe" --author-url='' --has-settings='yes'