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ExpressionEngine Change Log

Version 1.7.3

Release Date: June 6, 2012

Version 1.7.3 is a security and maintenance release and is recommended for all users.

Build 20120605

Version 1.7.2

Release Date: February 6, 2012

Version 1.7.2 is a security and maintenance release and is recommended for all users.

Build 20120206

Version 1.7.1

Release Date: April 6, 2011

Version 1.7.1 is a security and maintenance release and is recommended for all users.

Build 20100520 (additional changes and fixes)

Build 20100509 (additional changes and fixes)

Build 20110406 (initial release)

Version 1.7.0

Release Date: October 15, 2010

Build 20101015 (initial release)

Version 1.6.9

Release Date: April 15, 2010

Build 20100805 (additional changes and fixes)

Build 20100430 (additional changes and fixes)

Build 20100415 (initial release)

Version 1.6.8

Release Date: July 23, 2009

Build 20100121 (additional changes and fixes)

Build 20091201 (additional changes and fixes)

Build 20091002 (additional changes and fixes)

Build 20090915 (additional changes and fixes)

Build 20090723 (initial release)

Version 1.6.7

Release Date: January 22, 2009

Version 1.6.7 is a security and maintenance release and is recommended for all users.

Build 20090515 (additional changes and fixes)

Build 20090320 (additional changes and fixes)

Build 20090211 (additional changes and fixes)

Build 20090122 (initial release)

Version 1.6.6

Re>Single Gallery Entry per page, for those who wish to create a photo blog.

  • Added Category List Tag to the Photo Gallery Module, enabling among other things, "jump" navigation to be created.
  • Added ability to change the status of multiple comments at the same time.
  • Added two new Template types, Static (pure content, nothing rendered) and JavaScript (outputs content as javascript file type).
  • Added character encoding preference in the Email configuration page (Admin area).
  • Added None option for Publish Tab Behavior in Control Panel Settings
  • Added ability to search custom member fields via the member search on the CP home-page
  • Added ability to show photo in addition to avatar in weblog entries, gallery entries, comments, and forum threads
  • Added 2 new cookies used with non-logged-in users which enable us to track "read forum topics" with guests.
  • Added a status check when submitting entries, which permits the stand-alone form to not contain the status menu. Instead, the default status is used.
  • Added name="" parameter to Simple and Advanced Search form tags
  • Added "entry_id" parameter to the {exp:weblog:next_entry} and {exp:weblog:prev_entry} tags
  • "Views" counter in Gallery Module can now be edited.
  • Added entry_id to the orderby clauses in the gallery tag.
  • Added sort="" parameter to month_links tag so you can reverse the display of months
  • Added show_future_entries and show_expired parameters to the RSS Module.
  • Added ability to exclude member group from site member list.
  • Added ability to set site member list defaults for sort by, order, and number of rows
  • Added ability to set localization settings via the Registration form
  • Added {gmt_comment_date} to Comment module's entries tag
  • Added a new function to abstract the Edit screen search and display of entries so it can be used in Modules with great ease.
  • Increased length of Trackback URL field in Edit Trackback Form
  • Added Trackback search to Edit section. IP Address in Trackback viewing page are now search links too.
  • Added displaying of error messages for failed Trackbacks and Pings after submit of new entry
  • Added {id_path=""} variable to next_entry and prev_entry tags.
  • Added ability to have a few common attributes in the <a> tag when having Weblog set to use Safe HTML.
  • Added and modified code and queries to speed up comment submissions on large sites
  • Added more character support in the Moblog module for foreign and crazy mobile devices.
  • Added more MIME header decoding abilities for servers that do not have the convenience of certain PHP functions
  • Added TRUNCATE to valid query types list
  • Added backticks on database tables and field names in the insert and update string functions for developers using dashes and other characters
  • Added some code that deletes forum posts when members are deleted (assuming the forum is installed).
  • Added template's name to page title when editing template
  • Added {charset} variable for the Member and Forum templates
  • Added url_title="" parameter to Weblog module. Make sure to specify a weblog with this parameter
  • Added search box to Template section of Control Panel
  • Added foreign character replacement code to URL Title javascript in Stand Alone Entry Form
  • Added Admin Notifications to the MetaWeblog and Blogger API modules
  • Added new global variable {webmaster_email} for display site's webmaster email address
  • Added new default design, removed RSS 1.0 template, renamed Atom template
  • Bug Fixes for Version 1.4

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