ExpressionEngine® 3 User Guide

Legacy Documentation

You are using the documentation for version 3.5.17. Go here for the latest version or check here for your available upgrades to the latest version.

You are not authorized to perform this action

When accessing certain locations within the control panel ExpressionEngine returns the following error message: “You are not authorized to perform this action”.

Troubleshooting Authorization Issues

Logging into the Control Panel

Only members of the “Superadmin” Member Group can access the Control Panel under all circumstances. Users belonging to other groups need to have appropriate group permissions to access the Control Panel. By default, ExpressionEngine expects user’s browsers to send a valid IP address and User Agent information. This is meant to help prevent hacking attempts. Some firewalls and other third-party software installed on the user’s computer might block this information.

This requirement can be disabled:

  • If the Control Panel can be accessed, it is possible to simply turn off the “Require IP Address and User Agent for Login?” and “Require IP Address and User Agent when receiving comments?” settings in Admin › Security and Session Preferences.

  • The settings can also be overridden by adding the following line to the config.php file:

    $config['require_ip_for_login'] = "n";

Banned or Blacklisted Users

This error will also occur for users that have been banned, or are being blocked by the Blacklist. It is possible to block particular User Agents or domain names under Modules › Blacklist/Whitelist in the Control Panel and specific IP addresses under Admin › User Banning.