ExpressionEngine® 3 User Guide

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Template Variables

Control Panel Location: Developer Tools ‣ Template Variables

In this section of the Control Panel you can define custom data that you would like to be available globally in any Template. This is in addition to the standard Global Template Variables that are already available.

You could create a Global Variable for any number of purposes. One idea would be for a piece of copyright text that would be included on every page. By making it a Global Variable you can change it in one place and immediately see the effects everywhere.

Global Variables can contain text, HTML, javascript, etc. but cannot contain PHP code or ExpressionEngine tags that you wish to have parsed.

Permission Restrictions

  • Access settings: Design & Content
  • Template variables: Create New Variables
  • Template variables: Edit Variables
  • Template variables: Delete Variables



This will take you to Template Settings.

Export All

All templates, with their template groups, will be zipped and downloaded.

Search Templates

Searches template contents for the phrase.

Create New

This will take you to the create template form.


The icons in the manage column perform actions on the template variable in its row.


This will take you to the template variable’s edit form.


This will perform a search for the template variable, showing all the templates that use it.

Bulk Actions

The checkbox in the right-most column of the table selects a button for a bulk action. When at least one checkbox is checked the bulk action dropdown menu and submit button will be made available in the lower righthand corner of the table.


The selected template variables will be removed. Removing a template variable will cause a confirmation modal to appear that will summarize the action.

Export variables

The selected template variables will be zipped and downloaded.