ExpressionEngine® User Guide

Legacy Documentation

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Channel Tab

Control Panel Location: Developer ‣ Channels ‣ New/Edit Channel ‣ Channel

Permission Restrictions

  • Access settings: Design & Content
  • Channels: Create Channels
  • Channels: Edit Channels



The “full channel name” is the descriptive name for the channel. This is the name of your channel that you will show to visitors and display on your site.

The full channel name is a required field. Spaces, punctuation, and other special characters are allowed. For example, the channel’s descriptive name might be Joe’s Personal Channel.

Short name

The “short name” for the channel is the name used internally within the program. It is also used when specifying a channel in variables of parameters in your Template Manager. It is not normally shown to visitors or otherwise exposed outside of your channel “setup”.

The channel’s short name is a required field. It must be a single word with no spaces. The underscore character is allowed. For example, the channel’s “short name” might be joe_channel.

Maximum number of entries

This limits the number of entries that are allowed to be published in the channel. This can be useful for channels that need their content creation limited to a set number of entries. For example a limit of 1 will make this channel effectively a “single entry channel” and only allow a single entry to be created. A limit of 5 would allow between 0 and 5 entries to be created. Leaving this setting blank (the default) applies no limits to the number of entries a channel can contain.