ExpressionEngine® User Guide

Legacy Documentation

You are using the documentation for version 4.3.8. Go here for the latest version.

Create/Edit Channel

Control Panel Location: Developer ‣ Channels ‣ New/Edit Channel

Permission Restrictions

  • Access settings: Design & Content
  • Channels: Create Channels
  • Channels: Edit Channels

Channel form tabs

Channel tab

The Channel tab has fields for basic information about the channel, including its name, shortname, and the number of entries allowed in the channel.

When creating a new entry, you can choose to duplicate the structure of an existing channel here as well.

Fields tab

The Fields tab contains the channel’s field and field group assignments.

A channel can have any combination of fields and field groups assigned to it. You can also create fields and field groups on this tab, for a smooth workflow.

Categories tab

The Categories tab has the channel’s category assignments. A channel may have multiple category groups assigned, and groups can be created on the fly on this tab.

Statuses tab

The Statuses tab allows management of the channel’s assigned statuses. By default, a channel will have Open and Closed statuses assigned, but new statsuses can be created on this tab and their assignment to the channel managed.

Settings tab

The Settings tab holds a large number of channel specific settings, including channel specific default URLs, publish page defaults, channel form settings, revision and notification settings, and comment and formatting settings.