ExpressionEngine® 3 User Guide

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You are using the documentation for version 3.5.17. Go here for the latest version or check here for your available upgrades to the latest version.

Avatar Settings

Control Panel Location: Settings ‣ Avatar Settings

This section of the Control Panel allows you to define the avatar settings of your site.

Permission Restrictions

  • Access settings: General Settings


Allow avatars?

This determines whether avatars are enabled for your site. If enabled, then users will be able to associate an image with their account that you can optionally display with entries, comments, and forum posts.

Allow avatar uploads?

Set whether members can upload their own avatar. If this is set to “No” but avatars are enabled, members will only be able to choose from among the default avatars.


As a site admin, you can add your own avatars by uploading them to /images/avatars/default_set/.

Avatar directory

The URL to your avatar folder. In most cases, this will be similar to:

Avatar path

Here you set the server path (not the URL) to the avatars upload folder. By default avatars are located in the avatars folder inside the images folder

The server path might look something like:


If you do not know what to use for your full server path, contact your Host or server admin. Remember that this upload folder must be writable. See File Permissions for details.

Maximum width

The maximum width (in pixels) allowed for user-uploaded avatars.

Maximum height

The maximum height (in pixels) allowed for user-uploaded avatars.

Maximum file size (kb)

The maximum file size allowed for user-uploaded avatars.


There are 1024 Kilobytes per Megabyte, so if you want to allow a 2 MB avatar you’ll enter 2048.