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Member Groups

Control Panel Location: Members ‣ Member Groups

The Member Groups area of the Control Panel permits you to manage your Member Groups. The member groups can be sorted by ID, Group Title, and Status.

Each member of your site must be a member of one of your Member Groups. These groups allow you to restrict and control what a given member is allowed to do, and which pages they are allowed to access. Each Member Group has over 50 different privileges that can be allowed or denied, giving you precise control over what each of your members can do.

Permission Restrictions

  • Access settings: Members
  • Member Groups Allowed actions: Create New Groups
  • Member Groups Allowed actions: Edit Groups
  • Member Groups Allowed actions: Delete Groups



This will take you to Member Settings.


The icons in the manage column perform actions on the member in its row.


This will take you to the member group’s edit form.


This will take you to the create form populated with this member group’s configuration.

Bulk Actions

The checkbox in the right-most column of the table selects a button for a bulk action. When at least one checkbox is checked the bulk action dropdown menu and submit button will be made available in the lower righthand corner of the table.


The selected member groups will be removed. Removing a member group will cause a confirmation modal to appear that will summarize the action.