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Member Profile Templates

Control Panel Location: Developer ‣ Templates ‣ Members

The public profile area has its own set of templates which can be edited to change the look. You’ll find the templates located at:


A good strategy is to make a copy of the entire default templates folder, then edit your copy so you can leave the default files intact. Save your new copy to:


You can set your new copy as the site default under Settings ‣ Members


When building your member profile templates, consider that any external links will pass along referrer data. This can cause security problems if someone clicks on an external link from a secure page. For example, if a user clicks an external link from the password reset page, the external site could use the password reset link from the referrer data to gain access to a user’s account.

You can strip everything but the base URL by linking to {path=""}?URL=<your url>.

Permission Restrictions

  • Access settings: Design & Content
  • Template Management Allowed actions: Manage Template Settings
  • Template Management Allowed actions: Create New Templates
  • Template Management Allowed actions: Edit Templates
  • Template Management Allowed actions: Delete Templates
  • Template Management Allowed template groups



This will take you to Template Settings.

Export All

All templates, with their template groups, will be zipped and downloaded.

Search Templates

Searches template contents for the phrase.

Theme Selector

The dropdown in the upper right corner of the table’s container will select which member theme’s templates are being managed.


The icons in the manage column perform actions on the template in its row.


This will take you to the template’s edit form.