ExpressionEngine® User Guide

Legacy Documentation

You are using the documentation for version 4.3.8. Go here for the latest version.

Version Notes for 4.2.2

Customized Member and Forum Themes Moved

If you have customized your existing member templates:

In themes/user/forum/custom_theme_name move all folders except images to system/user/templates/_themes/forum/custom_theme_name/ for each custom theme folder.

If an index.html file does not exist in your themes/user/forum/custom_theme_name/ folder, create a blank one.

If you have customized your existing forum templates:

In themes/user/member/custom_theme_name/ move all files to system/user/templates/_themes/member/custom_theme_name/ for each custom theme folder. Leave the images folder in themes/user/member/custom_theme_name/.

If an index.html file does not exist in your themes/user/member/custom_theme_name, create a blank one.

Default Theme Folders Moved

If you installed ExpressionEngine using the default theme, the file structure needs to be changed.

  1. All folders inside themes/ee/site/default/ except for asset should be deleted.
  2. The themes/ee/site/default/asset/ folder should be moved to themes/user/site/default/asset/.
  3. The file upload directory path and URL settings need to be changed for the ‘Blog’, ‘Common’ and ‘Home’ upload directories. They were installed pointing to the themes/ee/site/default/asset/img/ folder and need to be updated to reflect their new location in themes/user/site/default/asset/img/.