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Channel Form Development

Getting your custom fieldtype to work with the Channel Form

Use one or more of these methods to get javascript and css in your display_field method.

  • ee()->javascript->output();
  • ee()->cp->add_to_head();
  • ee()->cp->add_to_foot();

Place additional script files and stylesheets in the themes folder, so we can access it outside of the CP.

If you need to use EE’s built-in scripts, such as jQuery UI or some of the other included jQuery plugins, you should make your dependency known by:

ee()->cp->add_js_script(array('ui' => array('sortable', 'tabs')));
ee()->cp->add_js_script('plugin', 'tablesorter');

Extension Hooks


ee()->extensions->call('channel_form_submit_entry_start', $this);

where $this is the Channel Form library object.


ee()->extensions->call('channel_form_submit_entry_end', $this);

where $this is the Channel Form library object.