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HTTP Header

The HTTP Header plugin allows you to set HTTP headers in your templates.

Example Usage

This is a single tag that will set a 410 “Gone” status on the request.

{exp:http_header status="410"}


Here are the available parameters:

Parameter Corresponding HTTP Header / Instructions
access_control_allow_credentials= Access-Control-Allow-Credentials
access_control_allow_headers= Access-Control-Allow-Headers
access_control_allow_methods= Access-Control-Allow-Methods
access_control_allow_origin= Access-Control-Allow-Origin
access_control_expose_headers= Access-Control-Expose-Headers
access_control_max_age= Access-Control-Max-Age
alt_svc= Alt-Svc
cache_control= Cache-Control
charset= charset to use with the content_type parameter.
content_disposition= Content-Disposition - You can manually write out the full header value (i.e. attachment; filename=”example.txt”), or just use a value of “attachmenet” and use the filename= parameter.
content_encoding= Content-Encoding
content_language= Content-Language
content_length= Content-Length
content_location= Content-Location
content_md5= Content-MD5
content_range= Content-Range
content_type= Content-Type - You can manually write out the full header value (i.e. text/html; charset=UTF-8) or you can simply specify the type and use the charset= parameter.
etag= ETag
expires= Expires - You can use relative date such as “+1 day”;
filename= When content_disposition is set to attachment, this sets the filename.
last_modified= Last-Modified - You can use relative date such as “+1 day”;
link= Link
location= Location
pragma= Pragma
refresh= Refresh - You can manually write out the full header value (i.e. 5; url=, or just set the refresh value in seconds and use the url= parameter.
retry_after= Retry-After - You can either specify a number of seconds or use relative dates (i.e. “+90 mins”).
status= Status
tk= Tk
url= URL to use in the refresh parameter.
vary= Vary
via= Via
warning= Warning
x_content_duration= X-Content-Duration
x_content_type_options= X-Content-Type-Options
x_frame_options= X-Frame-Options
x_ua_compatible= X-UA-Compatible