ExpressionEngine® 3 User Guide

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Event Service

Simple Example

Some objects need to broadcast changes to their internal state, without knowing who the exact audience is. The event service smooths out these decoupled interactions by providing a unified event api.

$emitter = ee('Event');

$emitter->on('clockTick', function($time) {
  echo "It's {$time} o'clock.";

$emitter->emit('clockTick', 5);

Creating an Emitter

A new event emitter instance can be retrieved from the core dependency object. All events are local to a given instance:

$emitter = ee('Event');

Listening for Events

You can bind an event handler using the on() method. It will take an event name and a callback that is triggered when the event is fired:

$emitter->on('save', function() { echo "save"; });

To stop listening to an event use the off() method. Calling off() with only an event name will unbind all event handlers. Alternatively, you can pass in your original callback to unbind it:

$emitter->on('save', $callback);

$emitter->off('save', $callback); // unbind one
$emitter->off('save'); // unbind all

You can also bind an event handler that is only fired once by using the once() method:

$emitter->once('save', function() { echo "click"; });

Emitting Events

To trigger an event on an emitter, simply call emit() with an event name. Any additional parameters will be passed to the callback as event parameters:

$emitter->on('click', function($x, $y) { /* ... */ });
$emitter->emit('click', $mouse_x, $mouse_y);

Global Events

Each call to ee('Event') will return a new event emitter instance. There is currently no global event emitter. For global message passing, you should consider using an extension instead.

Publish and Subscribe

To help implement PubSub systems, there are two global interfaces that you should consider using:


To create a subscriber, simply implement the getSubscribedEvents() interface method. You should also have a public on<EventName> method for any events you subscribe to:

use EllisLab\ExpressionEngine\Service\Event\Subscriber;

class Button extends UIElement implements Subscriber {

  public function getSubscribedEvents()
    return array('click');

  public function onClick()
    echo 'clicked';


To create an emitter, implement the subscribe() and unsubscribe() methods. The core event emitter implements the publisher interface, so it can be used as a publisher for many common uses:

$my_button = new Button();

$emitter->emit('click'); // echo 'clicked';