2.11.9 User Guide

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The ExpressionEngine Wiki Module provides a powerful wiki that integrates seamlessly with ExpressionEngine. See Getting Started with the Wiki for a more detailed explanation of what a wiki is and what you can do with it.


The Wiki Module is available only with a purchased ExpressionEngine license.

  • Integrates with ExpressionEngine’s Membership Module
  • Supports multiple wikis on a single ExpressionEngine installation
  • Namespace support with unique editing and admin restrictions permissions
  • Add pages by going to, by using the Find Page search in the sidebar, or creating a link using wiki syntax
  • Admins can easily delete articles and categories
  • Edit the content of existing pages
  • View the history of previous revisions of a page
  • Redirect a page to another page (Admins)
  • Lock a page to prevent further editing (Admins)
  • Moderate a page to accept only approved revisions (Admins)
  • Notify moderators by email
  • Special Pages for Recent Changes, Searching, Atom/RSS, File Uploads, and a full Title List
  • Easy to use nested categories
  • Template-based themes

First-Time Setup

  1. If you have not already installed the Wiki Module, do so at Add-Ons ‣ Modules ‣ Wiki.

  2. Click on Wiki to open the Wiki Module Control Panel and then create a wiki and configure the preferences.

  3. Go into the Templates section of your ExpressionEngine Control Panel. Create a Template Group specifically for your wiki and in the ‘index’ template place a tag with a format similar to:

    {exp:wiki base_path='Template_Group/index' wiki="wiki_short_name" theme="default"}

For example, lets say you created a Template Group for your wiki called “wiki”, your wiki’s short name is “default_wiki,” and you are using the default theme. If that’s the case your tag would look like this:

{exp:wiki base_path='wiki/index' wiki="default_wiki" theme="default"}


Do not enable caching on the template containing the Wiki module tag.

That’s it! Point your browser to the ‘wiki/index’ template to view your wiki. Keep reading for more information on the wiki tag.

Wiki Tag

The Wiki module only has one tag that is used in a ExpressionEngine Template:


This tag is placed in the index template of the Template Group that you are using for your wiki as described above in the First-Time Setup instructions. The tag displays the wiki within the specified ExpressionEngine template.


Modifying the wiki’s theme (visual design) is described in the Wiki Theme Template section of the User Guide.



{exp:wiki base_path='wiki/index'}

The template_group/template location of the Wiki tag in your site. This parameter is used for creating all links in the Wiki, so make sure it is correct.

This is a required parameter.


When this parameter is used, you can direct the member paths from the default member area of your ExpressionEngine installation to the Discussion Forum member area.

The value for the profile_path=’‘ parameter is the template_group/template or trigger word for your Discussion Forum. The variable will then create the URL automatically.

For example if you had this in the wiki tag:

{exp:wiki profile_path='site/my_forum'}

The {path:register} variable would render:

Here is an example using the Discussion Forum trigger word:

{exp:wiki profile_path='forums'}

The {path:register} variable would render:


{exp:wiki theme="default"}

The theme to use for your Wiki. Themes are located in the themes/wiki_themes/ directory. The parameter specifies the name of your theme’s folder and that folder’s theme file. This means that a theme’s folder and its main php file will match. For example the default theme structure is default/default.php so the parameter would be default. See the Wiki Templates section for more information on themes.


{exp:wiki wiki="default_wiki"}

Use the Short Name of the wiki you want to display in the template. If no value is set, ExpressionEngine will attempt to use the ‘default_wiki’ created when the module is installed. You can only specify one wiki in this parameter.

Using the Wiki

All page creation, category creation, and editing is done by users directly on the wiki using special wiki syntax.