2.11.9 User Guide

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Update Notes

Version 2.0

* Released with ExpressionEngine 2.0

Trailing Slashes Removed from URLs


if you are using unmodified default themes, and have replaced your themes with those that come with 2.0, you have no further steps to take.

ExpressionEngine version 1.x used trailing slashes at the end of all URLs; 2.0 does not, so you may have some theme changes to make for your URLs to be correct. Notably, there is a new variable, {path:wiki_base_url} which is the (surprise!) base URL to your wiki, but includes a trailing slash. It replaces {path:wiki_home} in your theme templates when building URLs manually, e.g.:


The simplest method to update these is to open the Wiki theme files in a text editor and do a find and replace, changing {path:wiki_home} to {path:wiki_base_url}. {path:wiki_home} should still be used for links to your wiki home page. You can either verify each one as you replace, avoiding replacing those that link to the home page, or replace all of them, and return to the following files: wiki_page.html, wiki_special_atom.html, and wiki_special_rss.html to put links to the wiki home page back.

Lastly, in wiki_page.html, remove the trailing slash from two form action URLs:

<form method="post" action="{path:wiki_base_url}{special_namespace}:Search_results">

<form method="post" action="{path:wiki_base_url}{special_namespace}:Find_page">

Version 1.2

* Released with ExpressionEngine 1.6.1

The changes made to version 1.2 of the Wiki module require updating your themes. If you are using one of the two supplied themes, ‘Default’ or ‘Azure’, you can simply update your /themes/wiki_themes/ folder. If you are using a customized theme, you will need to make the changes indicated below.

Edit Previews

Starting with version 1.2, it is possible to preview article submissions when editing. This requires a change to your Edit Template - wiki_edit(). Before the Form Declaration tag, add:

{if preview} <div class="defaultBold">WARNING: You are viewing a preview of your submission.  No changes to the article have been made.</div> <div class="preview">{preview}</div> {/if}

Additionally, a few variables must be added to the value attributes of the input fields. The new variables are in bold, shown in context.

Notes:&nbsp; <input class="input" name="revision_notes" id="revision_notes" value="{revision_notes}" type="text" size="50" maxlength="80" />

Rename:&nbsp; <input class="input" name="rename" id="rename" type="text" value="{rename}" size="50" maxlength="80" />

Finally, the submit button needs to be replaced with:

<input name="submit" class="submit" type="submit" value="Submit" onclick="is_preview = false;" />     <input name="preview" class="submit" type="submit" value="Preview" onclick="is_preview = true;" />

Uncategorized Pages

A new Special page was added to show articles that are not assigned to any categories. A new template must be added to accommodate this change. Before the closing PHP tag in your theme file (the ?>), add:

/* ---------------------------------------- /*  Template - Special Page: Uncategorized Pages /* ----------------------------------------*/  function wiki_special_uncategorized_pages() {   ob_start();    ?>  <div class='defaultLeft'> Choose Namespace:  <select onchange="location.href=this.value"> <option value="{path:wiki_home}{special_namespace}:Uncategorized/">{main_namespace}</option> {wiki:custom_namespaces_list} <option value="{path:wiki_home}{special_namespace}:Uncategorized/{namespace_short_name}/" {namespace_selected}>{namespace_label}</option> {/wiki:custom_namespaces_list} </select> </div>  {wiki:title_list columns="3"}  {if no_results} <div class="marginpad"><strong>Sorry, there seem to be no uncategorized articles for this namespace.</strong></div> {/if}  <table style="width:98%;">  {articles} {row_start}<tr>{/row_start}  {row_column} <td style="width:33%"> <a href="{path:view_article}">{title}</a><br /> </td> {/row_column}  {row_blank}<td>&nbsp;</td>{/row_blank}  {row_end}</tr>{/row_end}  {/articles}  </table>  {/wiki:title_list}    <?php    $buffer = ob_get_contents();   ob_end_clean();    return $buffer; } /* END */  /** Variables List for wiki_special_uncategorized_pages():  Along with the variables from wiki_page(), this template also has:  TAG VARIABLES: {wiki:title_list}   - Used for displaying list of titles   --- CONDITIONALS     {if no_results}  - If there are no articles to show   --- PARAMETERS     columns=""   - How many columns to display   -- VARIABLE PAIRS     {articles}   - Encloses the repeating portion of the tag     {row_start}   - What content to use at start of a row     {row_blank}   - What content to use if blank column     {row_end}   - What content to use at end of a row     {row_column} - Used for each column in a row     --- SINGLE VARIABLES       {title}            - Title of article       {last_updated format=""}  - When Article was last updated       {author}          - Screen Name of revision author       {email}            - Email for Revision Author       {url}            - URL for Revision Author       {revision_notes}      - Notes about revision, if any       {path:view_article}      - Link to View Article       {content}          - Content of revision       {article}          - Fully rendered article       {count}            - "count" of the current article being displayed       {switch="one|two|three"}  - Rotate between any number of values, separated by a pipe symbol  */

Your Wiki Menu will need a link to access this page. Placement is entirely up to you; the default themes choose to place this following the Title List on the Wiki menu.

<li><a href="{path:wiki_home}{special_namespace}:Uncategorized" title="Uncategorized Pages">Uncategorized Pages</a></li>

Version 1.1

* Released with ExpressionEngine 1.5

Namespace Support Added

Namespace was added to this version. Please read the documentation on Setting up Namespaces for more information. Also, you will have to update your default theme to the new version or, if you have modified your wiki theme, you will have to follow the Wiki Theme update instructions for ExpressionEngine 1.5.