ExpressionEngine® 3 User Guide

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Javascript Class

Class Reference

class EE_Javascript

The library is loaded using the following code:

EE_Javascript::set_global($var[, $val = ''])
  • $var (string) – The variable name to add to the EE javascript object
  • $val (string) – The value of the variable being added
Return type:


Add a variable to the EE javascript object. Useful if you need to dynamically set variables for your external script. Will intelligently resolve namespaces (i.e. filemanager.filelist) so please use them.

EE_Javascript::compile([$view_var = 'script_foot'[, $script_tags = TRUE]])
  • $view_var (string) – The element to attach the foot to
  • $script_tags (boolean) – Set to TRUE to output the <script> tags, otherwise doesn’t add them
Return type:


Gather together all scripts needing to be output for the given $view_var.

Returns:The HTML markup containing our JS
Return type:string

Prepares and returns the HTML+JS for injecting variables into the EE namespace.

Returns:The HTML markup containing our foot JS
Return type:string

Prepares and returns the JS to be output in the foot.